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The group

Milkita Group is the new point of reference "Made in Italy" for Dairy processes transformation of milk from raw material to final product. The partner who can offer is born the full range of lines with experience, the technology and passion of the experts at sector.

Frautech has been a leader in the production of centrifugal separators..

Pietribiasi has been producing machines and lines since 1960 complete for the dairy industry.

MilkyLAB has been a leader in production since 1980 of automatic systems for the production of mozzarella and analogue cheeses.

In the world

Milkita, a global excellence!

More than 5000 systems sold worldwide.

Over 100 installations

Over 100 installations

per year between single machines and customized systems

65 people

65 people

work in the group

Over €20 million

Over €20 million

total turnover

Over 60 countries

Over 60 countries

served with agents and distributors


Milkita wants to group companies within it each specialized in a specific part of the milk processing process, fruit juices, ice cream, beer and wine.

Milkita aims to offer its customers, complete systems and a 360° service with the consultancy from process experts. The customer will be able to do so rely on a single partner for the realization of the own production site or production lines transformation of the raw material with the advantage of simplify the process of selecting and choosing partners.

01 Vision

In the name of Technological Excellence and Integration

Milkita's vision is clear and ambitious: to become a shining beacon in the Dairy sector landscape, bringing together skills, technology and experience in order to provide customers with the most complete range of milk processing machinery. But not only. The goal is to follow the milk from the moment it enters the plant through to the production of finished products, including cheese, yogurt and other delicious dairy products. However, Milkita's ambition does not stop here: the group aspires to also be a point of reference for the fruit juice, ice cream, beer and wine sectors, paving the way for new synergies and opportunities.

02 Mission

Synergies, Experience and Quality Tailored to the Customer

Milkita's mission is anchored in creating an environment where experience, innovation and specialized consultancy come together to offer customers tailor-made solutions. Within the Milkita group, each company specializes in a specific phase of the manufacturing process, ensuring that every aspect, from the raw material to the transformation of the finished product, is managed with skill and precision.

03 Goal

Be a point of reference in the dairy sector

Milkita's goal is to combine the best of Italian industrial traditions, technological skills and uncompromising quality, offering integrated machinery and complete treatment solutions.

Our skills

A team of professionals who plan and design customized solutions for every customer need. “Taylormade” solutions to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the market and finished products.
Trial & Training Center®, a testing and training center, where you can experiment and learn how to produce cheese and other dairy products. The Trial & Training Center® is built and managed by our experienced technicians, who can help our customers develop their new recipes using different machines.