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Experience, Technology & Passion

The passion for milk

Milkita Group is the new "Made in Italy" reference point for processes
Dairy processing milk from raw material to finished product.

The partner who can offer the complete range of lines with the experience, technology and passion of sector experts.

The Group

Milkita Group, the provider for all your products!

Separators, Centrifuges
for Milk, Beverages
and Beer.

Machines for pasteurization of milk, UHT, yogurt, fruit juices, ice cream and cheese.

Equipment for the production of Mozzarella, String cheese, spread cheeses and Ricotta.

Vision & Mission

Milkita wants to be a reference technology supplier in the dairy world by bringing together skills,
technology and experience.

A single point of reference for the integration of all manufacturing processes.

The history, experiences, passion of “Made in Italy” companies, which work in synergy.

Milkita brings together sector specialists for the manufacturing processes of milk, cheese, fruit
juices, ice cream and beer.

Milkita offers consultancy from process experts and complete systems, with a 360° service to help you achieve your success

Milkita put together different historical companies in a single group, each one is a point of
reference for technology, quality and “Made in Italy”.


News & Events

The Milkita group is a very active reality in its territory,
thanks to participation in various events dedicated to food and the food technology industry.